Travis Guinn - SA BOM

Travis Guinn began his training in the art of Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan at the age of 18 under the guidance of his instructor Mr. Ron Williams in Stafford, Texas. After three and a half years of training and obtaining all of the belts leading to Dan (Midnight blue/black belt), he tested for his Cho Dan (1st Degree) in May of 1994. After training two more years, he tested for E Dan (2nd Degree) in May of 1996. In November of 1999, he tested for Sam Dan (3rd Degree) and for Kyo Sa (certified instructor) in November of 2001. In 2003, Travis Guinn successfully tested for Sa Dan (4th Degree) at the eight day Ko Dan Ja (Masters testing) in Louisiana and also obtained his Sa Bom (Certified Master Instructor) at this test as well. In 2008, he successfully tested for O Dan (5th Degree).

After obtaining his certified instructor’s certificate in 2001, Master Guinn opened his first school in Tomball, Texas. In April of 2011, he opened his second location in Montgomery, Texas. He has been teaching men, women, and children since 1994 and has taught on a local, regional, national, and international level. He has trained directly with the Grandmaster numerous times and has traveled to Seoul, Korea multiple times to help expand and grow the art of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan.

Master Guinn continues his studies in Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan, a traditional Korean martial art based on history, tradition, philosophy, discipline/respect, and technique, under the guidance of his original instructor Ron Williams Sa Bom Nim. Master Guinn has served a 3 year term on the Board of Directors for the U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation and has also served on the committee to form the U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Foundation, which is our 501(c)3 organization.

Master Guinn is currently serving as a Regional Examiner for a five state region since 2013.

When Master Guinn is not training or teaching, he enjoys hunting, fishing, traveling and most importantly, spending time with his family!


Caleb Underwood - JO KYO

Caleb Underwood was born in Raton, New Mexico and moved to Texas in 2002. From a very young age Jo Kyo Nim Underwood was interested in Martial Arts. Once he graduated from high school and started college he found more time on his hands and began looking for a studio to start his training. In June of 2012 he began his training under the guidance of Guinn Sa Bom Nim at Montgomery Karate. His brother Jacob also started training.

He tested for Cho Dan (1st Degree Midnight Blue Belt) in November 2015 and was promoted in December 2015. In June of 2016 Master Guinn asked if he would be interested in teaching on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. He started his studies for Jo Kyo around the same time he started teaching. After successfully completing the requirements for the Jo Kyo Program he was promoted to Jo Kyo in April of 2017.

In February of 2017 he competed on an Adult Dan Team at a tournament in Carthage, TX. There his team took First Place and won a spot to compete at Nationals 2017. He will also be representing Region 6 on the Adult Sparring Team at Nationals 2017.


Robbie Ackerly - JO KYO

Robbie Ackerly was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and moved to Texas in 2011. He began his training in August of 2013 under the guidance of Guinn Sa Bom Nim in Montgomery, TX. He quickly developed a passion for martial arts and is extremely dedicated to the Moo Duk Kwan. He tested for Cho Dan (1st Degree Midnight Blue Belt) in May 2016 and was promoted to Cho Dan in June 2016. After successfully completing the requirements for the Jo Kyo Program (Certified Assistant Instructor) he was promoted to Jo Kyo in September of 2016.

He began helping Master Guinn teach the Tiger Tot class, consisting of 4-5 year old students, in February of 2014. As he progressed in Gup ranks he began to help teach the beginner students (white and orange belts) and eventually the intermediate students (green and red belts) including teaching adults. Jo Kyo Nim Ackerly has plans to teach at Montgomery Karate throughout his school career and intends to open his own studio one day.

In September of 2015 Master Guinn asked Jo Kyo Nim Ackerly if he would be interested in teaching the Tiger Tot Class full time. He accepted the position with honor knowing it was the first time Master Guinn had offered a teaching position to a student that was only 12 years old. He also fills in as a substitute for all classes when needed.

In July of 2016 he competed on two Region 6 National Youth Dan Teams at Nationals 2016 in Anaheim, CA. The teams took First Place Nationwide in Team Hyung (Team Form) and Second Place Nationwide in Team Sparring. He is also on two National Teams that will compete in the same divisions at Nationals 2017.

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